Thursday, May 2, 2019

What a Bunch of Jerks. Burger King is Dunking on McDonalds in the Name of Mental Health Awareness.

It's a good time to have fun being a jerk. In case you missed it, The Carolina Hurricanes are taking the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs by storm (Storm Surge, more specifically) by embracing their Bunch of Jerks label given to them by angry old man Don Cherry and having fun with it.

Now Burger King steps up to the plate and takes on McDonald's happy meals with their latest combos that are just about however you are feeling. Just DGAF? Order the DGAF meal and have a Whopper your way no matter how you are feeling.

The New York Post had this story and post, so we are linking to them here.

Like Burger King's promotion says: No one is happy all the time, and that's OK. Being a jerk is part of life sometimes. Stop putting up with Jerk shaming. Feel how you want, and eat a delicious Whopper washed down with the tears of your enemies.

Take Warning.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Hungry Jerks are Back in Town at

So, not long after recovering our domain name, our original domain name finally became available. For some unknown reason one of our writers ran away with the name a few years ago and allowed it to drop despite other authors offering to pay the registration fee and/or purchase the domain. Instead, our friend allowed a domainer to register and list it for sale for $5000- which was never going to happen.

I got an email today saying that had been deleted. So, I went and picked it back up. The domain is now active, and here is the first post describing what is going on.

Now that our domains and social media profiles have been reacquired and no longer remain dormant, we plan to redevelop the site and make a new go of it.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Big King Weak Sacue: Bland, Lettuce-Free Burger King Version of the Big Mac

I just tried the Big King from Burger King, which is obviously the BK attempt to outdo McDonald's Big Mac. Food NEVER looks like it does in promotional pictures. So I won't hold that against them. Though I should note there was certainly no leaf lettuce or lettuce of any kind included on the burger I just bought. I did not have time to take a picture of my sandwich. I was hungry and ordered the Big King spontaneously. My son asked for a Burger King cheeseburger. So I just picked something I hadn't had a thousand times before.

 Even though the pictures never tell the true story, this one seems to suggest something different. Look at the full leaf of lettuce- not like the shredded iceberg McDonalds uses. Look at the full, thick slices of onion. To me, Burger King is trying to say this is like the adult's Big Mac. Their drive through has a sign that says something like "Taste the broiled difference." I remember when BK made a point to say they weren't that child's Happy Meal place with the clown. They are The CROWN, Dammit! Where you can get a grownup char-broiled fast food burger. No wimpy diced onions and shredded lettuce here!

The execution was just a mouthful of bland. The sauce, which I haven't mentioned yet, didn't look or taste anything like Big Mac Sauce. The color resembled cheese sauce, and it tasted like nothing. It had no zip, tang, NOTHING. It was just there. The price was $5.99 for a small meal, which is the same as a Big Mac meal in this market. If you want a tasty burger in a similar configuration, my local Frischs' Big Boy offers the "Big Boy." Like McDonald's, the sauce is a highlight- it actually tastes like something. Big Boy sells jars of their sauce in the restaurant. I don't think there will be any demand for bottled Big King sauce.

When it comes down to it, the Big King is not a premium burger offering. It's like a value menu item without the value. If you just need something a little filling, there is nothing about this that makes me want to spend more than $1. The Mcdouble from McDonald's and any of the value menu burgers from Wendy's are much tastier and cost almost $3 less. It appears that the Big King replaced the Double Stacker in the BK meal lineup. Even the BK stackers offered much better value than the Big King, in my opinion. What really does this in for me is the lack of any taste. It's 2 burgers and 3 pieces of bread, with American cheese and weak sauce.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hot Dog stuffed crust at Pizza Hut UK?

So... Pizza Huts in the United Kingdom are getting something amazing. They are stuffing their pizza crust with hot dogs. For real. Why this isn't something being offered in America first since this is something that is clearly up our alley. Pizza Hut is based in Plano, and hot dogs are a symbol of America! So what gives Pizza Hut?!

View more videos at:

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Q Up BBQ. The Greatest Food Truck Ever.

I've always been wary of food trucks. I don't know why. Just always seemed weird to me, my food from a truck. And whenever I eat from one of those standard food trucks I would get a stomach ache. But when I saw the Q Up BBQ truck pull up to the event I was at for Skunk Creek Flats, I had to try it.

I am a huge fan of BBQ. So whenever I come across a new BBQ place I have to give it a test. They have some pretty good sounding sandwiches, but I opted for some pulled pork BBQ nachos. The result was....incredible.

These are seriously the best nachos I have ever had in my entire life. No joke. Many places have some good nachos but Q Up BBQ is now the nacho king of Arizona. The BBQ sauce, the cheese, the chips, the pulled pork, oh so good.

The thing I hate about writing for this site, is coming across places with great food, and writing first thing in the day, it makes me insanely hungry.

You can check out Q Up BBQ on Facebook to see where their food truck is going to be. Seek them out. Get the nachos. Thank me later.

Rock Springs Cafe in Black Canyon City AZ

After spending the day in Sedona, we decided to stop at Rock Springs Cafe for a slice of pie. This place is famous all around the state of Arizona for their amazing pies. So we decided to make a pit stop. We sat down and I looked through the menu for the desserts but while doing so I came across all the other food and my stomach shifted, it knew what was up.

I had only eaten there once before, when I had a cold from hell that was taking a beating on me, so nothing was enjoyable. I decided that I would have a steak, with some mashed potatoes and brown gravy. Some places are very hit and miss with steak. Some are delicious and easy, others its nothing but fat and gristle. But this steak. Perfection. The gravy and potatoes? Amazing. Some of the best gravy around.

I think I am going to make this place a regular visit, only a 15 minute drive north from our house. And its got that down home country cookin feel. And of course, pies, AMAZING.

Red Planet Diner in Sedona AZ is...OUT OF THIS WORLD!

Yeah yeah, could not resist that for the title, but seriously, this place is awesome.

Tuesday I informed my wife that we were taking a day trip, no idea where we would go, we were just going to go. I decided we would just head north until we came across something interesting, and that was Red Planet Diner in Sedona AZ.

Sedona is a pretty awesome place. All the rocks and mountains there are red. Its a very beautiful place to visit. I would even wanna live there someday. I always go there once a year during Christmas but its at night to check out the huge Christmas light exhibit. So I've never seen Sedona much during the day. All Sedona appears to be to me is UFO stuff and psychics. Really you can put a blindfold on spin in a circle and throw a rock and you'll hit a psychic shop. They're everywhere.

We came across Red Planet Diner after using Urbanspoon and finding it on there. The geekness that runs deep in us could not resist.

They have a pretty massive menu with a crazy choice of burgers. Most of the burgers I read on the menu were unlike any that I have ever seen before. They have something for everyone here. Burgers, steaks, meatloaf and shrimp, ribs, sandwiches, awesomely named alcoholic concoctions. This place has it all. We decided to keep it simple and try the signature Red Planet Burger. Charbroiled with some cheddar cheese on a toasted bun. That pretty much owned my heart with that. One of the best burgers I've had in quite a long time.

This place has a fun atmosphere, is easy to find, and has a large variety of food that Im sure tastes great. If you ever find yourself in Sedona AZ, you owe it to your stomach to check this place out.

Who Has the Best Fast Food Value Menu?

We've all been there.  Money is tight, no food in the house, so the only quick option is hitting the closest value menu (or dollar menu depending on the place) and loading up.  Almost every fast food restaurant has some sort of value menu, but there are many factors like variety and actual cost that can put some places above the rest.  I figured it was time to take a look at some of the top value menus out there.

McDonald's Dollar Menu is the first one that comes to mind.  They have a small selection, but a good value for your buck.  The McDouble is a decent sized burger with two pieces of meat so that is probably the standout item.  Aside from that, they have the McChicken which is the only other sandwich on the menu (as you may recall, the 2 sandwiches on the McDonalds dollar menu also comprise the "McGangBang."  Another big thing is that ANY size drink is a dollar, so that's a big plus (although I don't know why anyone would get a small drink when the price is the same for a large.)  They have a few other items and even some deserts so McDonald's is a good choice even with the small selection.

Next up is Wendy's.  Wendy's has a nice variety on their value menu, with a couple of burgers and a chicken sandwich, as well as spicy chicken nuggets, a baked potato, a small drink, a frosty, and other items.  You can really get a decent lineup here with some choices since there is a choice of small fries or banked potato (and the potato is a decent size.) 

Taco Bell is another well known value menu.  My only problem here is that all the items on their value menu are fairly small, therefore you would probably need 4-5 of an item to get filled up.  A good choice for something to grab in the car when time is an issue.

I've heard about KFC, Sonic, and Arby's also having value menu's, but have yet to try them out.  Seems like Jack in the Box has a few items like the Breakfast Jack that is always a dollar.  I think McDonald's and Wendy's are the top 2 choices personally.  What are some of your value meal favorites?  Is there a value menu we're missing out on?  Let us know your opinions below.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Dorito Locos Taco. Taco Bells McRib?!

Once in a blue moon, a fast food place comes up with something so insanely genius, it becomes legendary.

The Big Mac.

The Whopper.

The Double Down.

And now.... The Dorito Locos Taco from Taco Bell.

This taco is so legendary, that it could be the McRib for Taco Bell. The one thing so good, that if it ever goes away fans will begin to protest and riot. It is an instant cult hit. I learned of this new taco not by a commercial, but because the local news here had a story on it! That is how important this taco is.

It's a very basic, and simple concept that I am surprised it hasn't happened sooner. Basically the taco shell, is coated with the nacho cheese powder used on nacho cheese doritos. Thats it. But the results are amazing. And if you are worried about getting that powder all over your fingers, fear not, it comes with a handy little sleeve to hold it with!

This is Taco Bells finest moment. My hats off to you Taco Bell.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

What is Pork Roll?

Ode to my favorite meat...

I'm not a huge breakfast fan in general, mostly because I don't like getting up early. However, there are a few things that can get me out of bed no matter what, for some people its bacon but for me its all about the Pork Roll. Some people call it Taylor Ham and you can find it in the store as John Taylor's Pork Roll, usually in the deli isle in on of the cases in the middle of the isle that has your more exotic cheeses and salamis.

Here in Arizona Pork Roll seems to be lost in the crowd but for us east coast transplants Pork Roll usually made its way into our breakfast once or twice a week. What is it? In essence Pork Roll is just a salted pork breakfast meat, Pork roll is generally sold in 1, 1.5, and 3 lb. unsliced rolls packed in cotton bag, as well as 6 oz. boxes containing 4, 6, or 8 slices. Larger rolls and packages are available for food service customers. It has been a staple in public school cafeterias in New Jersey.

How to cook it: Now I prefer my Pork Roll to be sliced thin and cooked more on the well done side. However, others prefer thick cuts, its all a matter of personal taste. So I will instead give you user friendly instructions for your first Pork Roll encounters.

1. The Jersey Breakfast - Scrambled eggs and cheese on a long roll with diced Pork Roll.
(Perfect on a hero roll or any kinda of long roll.)
2.The Other Breakfast Meat - Thin sliced Pork Roll grilled or fried in a pan and served with eggs your way. (Perfect alteration to the typical bacon and eggs.)
3. The Baby Bear - two slices of thin cut Pork Roll grilled or fried in a pan, on a hamburger bun with a slice of cheese.
4. The Momma Bear - two slices of thin cut Pork Roll grilled or fried in a pan, on a hamburger bun with a slice of cheese and a fried egg.
5. The Papa Bear - 4 slices of thin cut Pork Roll, pan fried, served on a hamburger roll, on top of a medium cooked hamburger, topped 2 slices of cheese and with a fried egg (yolk still runny).