Thursday, September 30, 2010

Food Stuffs: Foods that are better cold.

I like cold food. Always have. I'd rather have a cold sub than a toasted one. I'd rather eat cereal in the morning than eggs. Gazpacho is my favorite soup! So I got to thinking about what some of my all time favorite cold foods are....

PIZZA! Obviously. Everyone knows cold pizza is delicious, but to me there's one pizza above all others that is best when cold, and that's Dominos Deep-dish Pepperoni pizza. It's delicious when it's hot & fresh... but there's something that happens during it's fridge nap that causes this pizza to be a delicious dish when you chow down the next morning! Unfortunately, there are also some pizzas that SUCK when cold... Papa Johns... Lil' Caesars... yuck. Lil' Caesars pizza the next day is practically cardboard. It's no wonder they only cost 5 bucks.

Fried chicken! Cold Fried chicken is amaaaazing. Sidenote: shred up some fried chicken for a really awesome chicken salad. Which also reminds me, a couple weeks ago I went to Burger King and they had Buy One, Get One free classic chicken sandwiches. Now, I get mine with extra pickles and cheese... but I could only put back one of them. So, I threw the other one in the fridge knowing I'd likely want a snack later on, and wouldn't you know it? That sonofabitch was delicious! I threw a little extra mayo and some mustard on it, but it was really awesome cold. I was shocked!

Meatloaf! Two thick slices of wheat toast, two generous slices of cold meatloaf, swiss cheese, and some mayo. Holy cow!

Egg rolls! This one I found kind of recently. I wanted a midnight snack and there was a leftover egg roll in the fridge, so I just munched on it, and it was pretty damn tasty. With it cold, the cabbage and carrots were a little bit crispier and it had more crunch. They can be a little plain, so I guess you could dip them in some soy sauce or something.

So that's a few I like... what about you, readers? Are there any foods that I didn't mention here that you like?

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