Friday, October 15, 2010

Little Caesars Hot-N-Ready? No Joke.

I am proclaiming Little Caesars as the fastest fast food around. Their big gimmick now is Hot-N-Ready. Meaning your food is hot and ready the second you order it. And they're not joking around.

I used to hit Little Caesars back when I was a kid when they had the Big! Big! pizza going on, but never went back until recently and I was pretty blown away. I think the only way they can possibly get your pizza to you faster is by having it loaded into a giant slingshot that is aimed at the door and have it release the moment you step inside. This is know exaggeration, I literally have never spent longer than ONE minute inside of a Little Caesars at a time. I walk in, tell them what I want, I pay for it and before I can get my wallet back into my pocket, my food is there on the counter waiting for me to grab and head out with.

Now on top of that, their prices are insanely low. Large pepperoni with a bag of crazy bread and sauce runs only 8 bucks. Now granted, Little Caesars isn't the best tasting pizza around, but for their price and the speed of it all, it is well worth it if you're in a hurry and just wanna grab something quick. You will get no quicker than Little Caesars.

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Devon N said...

The one near me has a freaking drive-thru.