Thursday, October 28, 2010

Papa Murphy's Pizza Review. Take & Bake??

Today, I wanted pizza. And I wanted it fast. So instead of just grabbing some Little Caesars. I saw Papa Murphys had opened up in the same shopping center. Never heard of it, never seen it, knew nothing about it.

So I stumble in there, as I was still half asleep. Just woke up, and it takes me a good couple hours to get my bearings on the day ahead. So I tell the girl I just want the large pepperoni. And she asked me to take a seat and it'd be right up. No problem.

I sit down, pop out the iPhone and start playing some Words With Friends when the man at the counter yells that it's done. As I walk to the counter I'm thinking "Wow! Fast just like Little Caesars, true its a bit more expensive but....wait a minute."

I saw an uncooked pizza in front of me. The man at the counter starts explaining the rules and regulations of going home and cooking the pizza. What the crap?! Go home and cook it myself?! Now I saw the "Take N Bake" sign but didn't realize that it was their only gimmick as they also had pictures of cooked pizzas all over the place.

What the hell kinda pizza place, or any food place for that matter other than a damn grocery store, only half way makes your food and then sends you home to cook it?! On top of that they asked if I had ever eaten there before and I said NO! So shouldn't they have given me a heads up?! Like a, "Hey bro you know you gotta cook this yourself right?"

Now I can KINDA understand the concept of this. Say you want some pizza for later on in the day and dont want to have it already made just to get cold. But isn't that what frozen pizza is for? Because Papa Murphys really isn't that much better than your good frozen pizza. Which is also better anyways. And even if you did want a pizza for later, why wouldn't you just wait for later to order it?

I really don't understand why a place like Papa Murphys exists. Its pretty much worthless and I won't ever return.


Fe said...

Hilarious! Although I have to admit once I saw the name of the place I pretty much figured where this post was headed. But still quite funny!

Anonymous said...

These things are just completely useless. I read some comments on Reddit- didn't know what the heck they were talking about. Unless it's some amazing pizza, there is no point. If you live anwhere with a decent pizza place selection, you can always get a deal on a cooked pizza. Every pizza place in my area mails out coupons at least monthly and they all have daily specials, and that's not even counting the chains that are constantly running schedules. If I'm going to cook my own, Im either going to make it myself or get the frozen pizza and save money.