Wednesday, November 17, 2010

AMC Movie Theaters Now Serving Food

Well it looks like AMC Theaters now offer a different movie going experience with their new "dine-in theaters," where you can be served dinner while watching a movie.  Now this concept isn't that foreign to me, as we have a chain here in the Texas area called Movie Tavern that has served dinner while watching a movie for quite some time now.  Some people are of course up in arms over the fact that servers going back and forth and lights going on and off for orders will all be a distraction from the movie.  To me the answer is pretty simple, just go to a different theater.  There are plenty of traditional theaters around, and AMC itself isn't changing every one of their theaters to this style, so I just see it as an alternate option for people who like a real dinner to go along with the movie. 

On to the menu options, AMC will offer a "Fork and Screen" deal for $10 that will serve you at regular seats, or a $15 "Cinema Suite" which is a better setup and more menu choices.  The prices seems pretty good actually considering popcorn costs about $7.50 these days, and nothing on hte menu is much less.  Plenty of options on this menu, so I think one of these theaters would be worth a shot.  Probably not the best option if you enjoy pure silence and no distractions during a movie, but for the casual movie goer this could prove to be a good setup.  We will post a review once one of our writers gets a chance to check one of these out, as they are only open in a few select locations but more will be opening soon.

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