Monday, November 15, 2010

Jack In The Box Pumpkin Pie Shake Thoughts

I have a love/hate relationship with Jack In The Box. I love that in a jam, their food is ok to get for a quick bite. I hate how it sometimes makes me sick, like the most recent case of food poisoning I received thanks to their spicy chicken sandwich.

But even with the food poisoning, I still hold a soft spot in my heart for Jack In The Box, a very small soft spot, but a soft spot none the less. And that is because of their Pumpkin Pie Shake. It rings in the best time of year, Oct/Nov/Dec. It means all that hot weather is over, and it is time for holiday/birthday madness.

But on top of all that, it is also a very delicious shake. Too many times to I go to grab a shake from some place that has its listed flavor only to try it out and it not be that flavor at all, or anything close to it, like the time I tried some new shake at Burger King and it tasted like, I dunno it's hard to explain but it tasted like burning? The smell of something burnt, is what it tasted like, but Burger King sucks all around anyways so it doesn't matter. They have no yearly good times. Nothing that makes my stomach smile big like the Pumpkin Pie Shake at Jack In The Box. It tasted like a pumpkin pie. It is delicious, and gets me in the mood for Thanksgiving. So if you've been reluctant on trying out a shake that is supposed to taste like a pie, I can assure you, this is the real deal. The Pumpkin Pie Shake, is legendary.

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