Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Logans Roadhouse 2 Full Meals For $13.99 Review

So we wanted to go some place to eat today that wasn't going to break the bank, but we also didn't want any part of fast food. So we cruised over to Logans Roadhouse, which has always been good, and decided to try the big deal they had painted on the windows. Two full meals, for #13.99. Monday - Wednesday only. And since it was Tuesday, we were ready.

Now on the menu, they give you quite a few options. I was thinking for that price their options would be a couple burgers, some grilled chicken and a salad of some sort. But they don't mess around. When they mean two full meals, you get two full meals.

I went for the Mesquite Wood Grilled Pork Chop. And my wife had her Mesquite Wood Grilled Chicken. Now every time we go there, she always gets that. And she claims it's the best grilled chicken around. I've had a bite, tastes like some grilled chicken to me, nothing too amazing, but it's good if you like some chicken.

The Mesquite Wood Grilled Pork Chop was fantastic. I am a huge fan of pork, and this did not let me down. Along with your main meal you get the two sides. The mashed potatoes and gravy is some of the best around. Gravy goes a long way in my book and can either make or break a meal and the gravy at Logans Roadhouse is one of the best.

All in all, with the drinks, the total came out to about $15.00. Which is great. $15.00 buys you and a guest a meal each, that fills you up and is at a quality restaurant. That is of course if you like country music, it is a roadhouse after all. (Those places with the peanut shells on the floor).

I would highly recommend this place, as the service was great, and the food was top notch and its a heck of a deal if you wanna go out to eat but you're on a tight budget. You can also up it to the $19.99 three course dinner for two meal. Which throws in an appetizer,
and a dessert. (Two desserts if you get the little buckets). Logans rules. End of story.


D. Mueller said...

Always enjoyed Logans.....good food, good atmosphere...but this special is awesome. Can't beat that price....dinner at a fast food place usually costs more....I'm there.

Anonymous said...

I go to this place with my family and its always a pleasant experience.

Anonymous said...

Great deal, I will be going for this.