Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Nacho Cheese Dorito Sandwich

You read that title right. The Nacho Cheese Dorito Sandwich. I've been making these bad boys since I was just a kid in the single digits. And still to this day it's just as good. Takes me back to my childhood. So here is how you make one of these.... pretty simple.

Choose your bread. I go with the traditional white bread. Nothing too crazy.

Miracle Whip. This is the key. Put a nice thick layer of Miracle Whip on there. This is very crucial. You gotta make sure you don't have too little of it, but also gotta make sure there isn't too much. You have to find a perfect balance. Add to both pieces of bread.

Add your Doritos. A nice single layer of Doritos on your bread. Nacho Cheese Doritos taste the best this way. Never been able to make a good Dorito sandwich with other flavors of them.

And that's it. Dorito Sandwich. Boom.

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Devon N said...

That's gotta be one of the fattest things I've ever seen in my life... on that note, I've always been a fan of sticking a couple doritos in my turkey sandwiches for some crunch. However, I always go with Cool Ranch.