Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Taco Bell XXL Chalupa Promotion Discontinued, Replaced by XXL Burrito

One of our writers recently posted a Taco Bell XXL Chalupa Review. After reading his review, I decided to go try one. I ended up getting the combo at Taco Bell. The XXL Chalupa combo was $5 and included a drink and taco. I believe the XXL Chalupa was $2.99 by itself. I thought the XXL Chalupa combo was pretty perfect for me, when it comes to Taco Bell meals. I probably could have done without the drink and taco though. Normally I get 3-4 smaller/cheaper items at Taco bell so I can fillup for cheap. The XXL Chalupa was probably the perfect size for eating just one item at Taco Bell and feeling content.

Well, I went back the other day and the XXL Chalupa was gone. I didn't see it on the menu. So I asked about it and was told "Sorry, Sir. We no longer have that promotion." I did notice there was a XXL Burrito now on the menu. It didn't look quite as appetizing to me for some reason. For less money I decided to get 3 items- a taco, nachos, and cheesy fiesta potatoes. That filled me up fine, and I just wasn't that interested in trying the XXL Burrito.

Maybe I will go back and try the XXL Burrito before that is discontinued. Or one of the other writers might do a XXL Burrito review.

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