Monday, November 8, 2010

Toby Keiths I Love This Bar & Grill Triple Decker Club Sandwich

Every other Tuesday I do video production work for a live show at Toby Keiths, so before theshow starts, I decide to grab a bite to eat and to get something simple, easy, and quick. So a club sandwich would be just right.... right?

Dead wrong.

The sandwich I was given, was about the size of a football. A regulation NFL football. I couldn't believe my eyes. This was the biggest sandwich I had ever seen in my life. on top of that, it had about a half pound of fries next to it.

Now, I had to eat this thing layer by layer pretty much. I always hear of triple decker clubs and its really just a normal sandwich, but this was no joke. As I have learned with all the food there at Toby Keiths. Their food is epic. Huge portions of everything. When you go to eat there, you might as well order a to go bad with your food, because you won't finish it. From the nachos, to the burgers, the food there is huge. Everything I have seen on their menu looks like something you would see on Man V. Food.

How was the sandwich? It was a club sandwich. They taste the same all over the place. It's hard to screw up a sandwich. Those are usually a safe bet when you go eat somewhere new. Unless you want a quick bite, then avoid Toby Keiths. But if you're hungry and need giant food, then Tobys is the place for you.


Anonymous said...

Good blog.!I have been planning to visit Toby's Keith place this month.I just hope that I am going to have a great dining experience there.

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Anonymous said...

This bar would do an outstanding business in the Jacksonville Florida area. There are no areas to request new locations on any of the websites. If you have any knowledge please pass it on. Thanks!!