Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Totino's Party Pizza

Party Pizza! This stuff is great. Look, we never said we were some high brow gourmet food elitists. The fact is, I would rather have a Totino's Party Pizza than some lame take and bake pie.

In the previous review of Papa Murphy's Take and Bake Pizza, our author said that when you want to cook your own pizza, a good frozen pizza is better. Ain't that the truth?

You know what else is better than a "Take and Bake" pizza? Not even a good frozen pizza. Even a very very bad frozen pizza is more enjoyable for me than a lame premade uncooked pizza. Which brings us to Totino's. This truly is a party in your mouth. The frozen Totino's Party Pizza is perfect for one person. And it's Cheap. My local Wal-Mart sells these frozen pizzas for $1.22, everyday low price. Kroger just had a sale- They were only $ 1 each. A buck for a perfect single serving pizza? Now that's good eating.

Look, I know these things don't even use real cheese. I don't know if they are technically even "pizza"- there might be some ongoing lawsuits over that. But you pop one of these bad boys in the oven at 450 degrees for 11 minutes ( here is your recipe/cooking instructions for this post), and you can plop the whole thing down on one standard sized dinner plate. It fits perfectly. Also, make sure you cook it directly on the rack. Some of the fake cheese will drip down to the bottom of the oven, but that's OK. it adds some quality smokey flavor to everything you cook. Sometimes the crust warps a little and gets stuck in spaces in the rack, but that is also good. It gives the crust a nice crunch.

Pair with a fine domestic beer and you have yourself a great Fourthmeal.


Everyday Food Reviews said...

Sometimes this cheap food is just as good. I mean some of those frozen pizzas can go upto 8 bucks or so. I just got a cooked large pizza from a local shop for 8.99 last night. I'm not going to spend that on frozen or take n' bake. For frozen pizza, I pick these cheap deals.

Anonymous said...

I just went to the store and bought 4. Got home, baked one, and noticed something different. It tasted kinda, well, not like the usual Totino's. As it turned out, it wasn't. It actually was the copycat - Tony's. The best thing about Totino's is the crust. Tony's crust doesn't have it.

And just what exactly is fake cheese anyway? Now, I'm worried.

davidandchuck said...

i can tell by just looking at the pizza on the cover that this pizza is going to taste like shitty asshole. but im gonna eat in anyway

Anonymous said...

Sad that you guys didn't really rep Totino's to the fullest.

First off, you dont cook them for 11 minutes. 17 minutes at 450, take it out when it is nice and brown and crisp.

2nd, you guys claim to be junk food critics and you don't know the most important ingredient on a Totino's is hot sauce! You gotta cover it with it, I use Tapatio or Cholula but Franks Red Hot will do in a pinch.