Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Fast And The Furious Drinking Game

Yeah, us Hungry Jerks get a little thirsty, and sometimes we like to play games with our drinks while watching some bad ass stupid movies. So here is a game to play while watching one of the most legendary so bad its awesome movies in the world!

-Number 1 rule. You can have any beer you want while playing this game, as long as its a Corona. So please, to pay proper tribute to this insane movie, play this game with Coronas.

-When someone says "Dom" take a DRINK.

-When you someone shifts their car, take a DRINK.

-When someone hits the NOS, take a DRINK.

-When the camera goes into the engine of the car, take a SHOT.

-When Vince comes back to the BBQ, and Leon calls Vince "Old Coyotes R Us!" cheers, and then take a SHOT.

-When Vince smiles when telling Mia about "Cha Cha Cha" take a SHOT.

-Chug a DRINK during the Ferrari race!

-When Dom is hit by the semi truck at the end of the movie, begin to DRINK and continue drinking the entire time Dom is airborn.

That should get you good and hammered. Be back next week when I list the rules for a drinking game I actually played with some friends once. the SPEED drinking game.

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