Monday, December 20, 2010

Jersey Mike's Subs Review

Sandwiches are my favorite food. Mainly because it's hard to mess up a good sandwich. But some places get it right, by using awesome bread, the right seasoning and fresh meat and veggies, while others, like Subway, us flakey crumbley awful bread and meats that taste strange. And for some strange reason when I get a fountain drink in Subway it tastes strange as well. I also like sandwiches because I enjoy fresh food. The greasy stuff is good but always leaves me feeling like death afterwards. So I try to stick to the fresher side of things.

Whenever a new sandwich shop opens up, I try to be in there asap, because they usually don't stick around very long. Case in point, there used to be a place called Dads Subs, which took over the same spot Quiznos once had. And Dads lasted about two weeks before closing down. That space in the shopping center has been empty for some time, until tonight when I noticed Jersey Mikes had opened up there. So after a long day of Christmas shopping, some fresh food was in order.

I went with the Club. All of my favorites in one sandwich. A simple signature sub that surprisingly some places just never get right. But at Jersey Mikes, you get your subs and you get them "Mikes Way". Which is lettuce, tomato, onion, and 'The Sauce". I won't tell you what "The Sauce" is, you have to experience it yourself. They also sprinkle on some seasoning, it says spice on their menu but my guess is some oregano.

So after all the build up, is it worth it? Yes. Mega huge fist pump from Jersey YES. Their bread is awesome, some type of seasoning or crazy magic is done to it, I saw something suspicious going on there. And it was delicious. The meats were all fresh, veggies were fresh, it tasted wonderful, and it also did a very nice job of filling me up. I actually have some left over, which is rare, I usually kill a sandwich in no time.

As for the service, it was top notch, very friendly and nice people working there who even slipped me a free sugar cookie for being a first time customer! They even made a sandwich that wasn't on their menu for me. My wife likes chicken with lettuce and ranch and I saw nothing even close to that on their menu, but they made it anyway. And was happy to see that unlike places like Quiznos, that appear to just have their chicken soaking in hot water to keep it warm. Mikes actually throws the chicken on the grill to cook and heat it up before it goes on your sandwich, giving your chicken that nice crisp fresh taste.

I will be back to Jersey Mikes in the near future. And hopefully unlike Dads, Mikes sticks around for a long time.


Unknown said...

This is so wrong. There's been a Jersey Mikes by my house in Middletown as long as I've lived there. When we first moved in 10 years ago, the sandwiches were good and the employees knew how to make them. Over time, they began hiring more high school students and adding a bit more corporate influence in the store. The sandwiches got smaller, the quality has went down, the employees just mess around and talk to their friends (non-employees) and the prices have went up. The last sandwich i ordered had about as much meat as a subway sandwich. I've noticed this trend with ALL jersey mikes. They're turning corporate and controlling portions which RUINS a sandwich shop. I'm very disappointed with this establishment and have not been back for months. I'll upvote this just because I want people to see this comment and not go to Jersey Mikes.

admin said...

Thats really interesting. I live in far northern Phoenix AZ. So this is the first I've ever even heard of Jersey Mikes. The meat portions on my sub were far more than you get at a Subway. So much so that like I said, I couldn't even finish it. I actually thought this was a small family owned place until I did a little reading up and saw that its a franchise now.

g.c. said...

I've lived near one for around 5 years but never been. maybe I will try it. I always get coupons in the mail.

I really can't stand Subway. In addition to the quality and lack of ingredients, I have always found the order/building process annoying. This is an issue if I am ordering for someone else moreso than for myself. For example, sometimes my wife might ask me to pickup some special sub or just a regular sub that's supposed to come a certain way. She just wants it as it's shown in the picture/commercial. Often they have different ingredients than the standard options. I always end up with some plain chicken and then them asking what vegetables and sauce. When I ask them for the advertised sub as constructed- "See that sub with that certain sauce, lettuce, tomato, olives, whatever? I want that"- they look at me like I have 3 heads. I appreciate being able to customize everything, but it should be pretty simple. They also have difficulty with multiple subs and combos. If I want to order subs I like to be able to walk in a place and say " I want one six inch italian with lett, tomato, onions, sweet peppers and oil, a footlong cheesesteak with fried onions, lett, tomato, mayo, onion rings, a large rootbeer( or whatever I'm ordering)" not " uh yeah give me that bread, and this and that. Ok yeah, and another sub, yeah that cheese, no not that, that. Yeah, and can you make that one a combo, and so on."

Anonymous said...

I am from New Jersey and when I took my first bite of a Jersey Mike's sub, I began to cry with joy! My parents moved us here when I was 10, and no sub shop here has come close to a real Jersey hoagie. Mike's is the bomb--or torpedo!! THE BEST! Sign up on their website and they'll send coupons.

Anonymous said...

Don't get what the last posting was about. I was just there and the employee's were super friendly and I felt like I was a friend not just a customer. Now let me tell you my sandwich was packed so full I thought I was in a jewish deli. Bread was super fresh and meat sliced to my liking just like the toppings....yummy! They make it your way and with a smile. Franchise or not they know how to hire the right people. This is the Middletown store so I don't know about any other's but this store is top's on my list.

Mr. Man Dude said...

You noticed the bland and rather flavorless but still kinda strange and the same time Subway meat. I think I know what contributes to it. The corporate packer pre-slices the meat - meat not of good quality - slow freeze process. Who the heck would ever pre-slice meat for a deli sudo style sandwich. I'll take Blimpie any day. Even if it does cost a few more cents.

Mr Man Dude said...

Man, I wish comments had the ability to go back and edit. Should have read;

You noticed the bland / rather flavorless, but still kinda strange tasting Subway meat too?