Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Smashburger Thoughts- Restaurant Review Smashburger Phoenix Arizona

Went into Smashburger on 59th and Thunderbird in Phoenix for the first time the other day. Their logo is weird because from afar, you might mistake this place for Game Stop. Anyways, Smashburger actually contacted us and inquired about a review. Something about free samples of food and all that, but to stay true to our readers I did not go through with it. I went in as a normal paying customer. Mainly for the fact that special treatment woulda meant a biased review. And damnit, I tell it how it is!

Smashburger. The place was empty pretty much. The inside was kinda boring, not much goin on. Some walls, and some tables and chairs. The service though was very good, pleasant smiling faces all around, making sure you were taken care of. Which was nice, not too many places do this.

The food? Well........meh. I got the BBQ Bacon Burger. And it tasted like, a BBQ Bacon Burger. I know that sounds weird but, it just tasted normal to me. Nothing stood out or blew my mind when I took a bite. My main feeling on burger places is, if I can make a better burger at home, then you're not doin a good enough job. This burger was pretty simple and tasted like something I could get or make anywhere.

The fries, I got the Smash Fries and they are pretty gross. I wasn't diggin all the oils and crap thrown on them, just make me some fries with some nice seasoning on them. Don't try to make them all fancy.

I wouldn't recommend this place if you're a die hard burger fan. I would choose Five Guys over this place any day. But, I might have to try Smashburger at least one more time, maybe they were having an off day?

You can check out the menu and find locations near you at SmashBurger.com.

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