Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thanks For Nothing: Carls Jr.

I shoulda known I was doomed from the start. Carls Jr. is one of those idiotic places where in some parts of the country they are called Carls Jr. and other parts it's called Hardees. Why? There is no point. Stop being stupid. ANYways...

Wasn't really hungry, but in the mood for a little snack while I worked tonight. This was hours and hours after the Sonic incident mentioned in a previous blog. And my parents wanted some hamburgers, so I went to pick up some Carls Jr. And all I wanted was a simple chili cheese fries, and a coke. Pretty easy right?


I get back and open up the box of chili cheese fries and find this monstrosity....

Now what the hell am I supposed to do with that? I got a giant handful of fries, and a splash of chili with a sprinkle of cheese slopped into it. Look at that! Would ya look at that?! Seriously. How do you screw up pouring chili on top of fries?

And now for the really weird part. A first time ever problem at a drive thru. Now we have all been given a messed up order, or a wacky looking crapfest like my chili cheese fries, but this just confused me to no end.... I take a bite out of my pathetic looking chili cheese fries, and take a drink of my........warm coke?! My coke, had NO ice in it. And my parents, and nephews drinks? NO ICE. Now, it's not that big of a deal, because we have ice, it's just weird. Why would you not put ice in someones drink order?

With the lack of ice, and the half attempt at putting chili on fries, I dub this Carls Jr. as the LAZIEST fast food place around. Sure Sonic and other places screw up an order here and there, but they at least try. Carls Jr. didn't even try. They failed.

Thanks for nothing Carls Jr.

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still hungry said...

I feel ya. A month or so ago I got a totally squished (sideways) burger and a piece of a lid INSIDE my drink. I left a comment on about it. Then I got an email the next day from someone in their corporate office, an email from the store manager, and a phone call from the store manager, apologizing for the service and offering to make it right. I never took them up on it, but it was nice that they stepped up.