Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thanks For Nothing: Sonic!

So I live up in Anthem AZ. Not much fast food wise around these parts. So Sonic is usually where I have to make a trip to get my wife some lunch since she works at home. So today, was the usual Sonic trip, but something didn't seem right...............

First thing I notice, is instead of the usual chirpy lovely sounds of some chick on the drive thru speaker, its some dude. Hmmm ok, and then I notice instead of the usual girls skating around handing out food, its dudes in jackets. Strange. Every Sonic I've ever been to, its basically almost all females everywhere.

So I order the same thing I get every time. A medium number 2 for my wife, with mayo and ketchup, no tomatoes, no lettuce, and fries with a cherry limeade. And for me, medium number 1, no tomatoes, no onions, and tots with a coke with chocolate flavoring (try it, its UHMAZING.) Well dudeche bag on the intercom re-reads my order and reads mine as having it with no tomatoes and no lettuce. I inform him that I wanted it with no tomatoes, no onions. He says to hold on one second, assuming corrections were made. And he tells me to pull around.

I sit there and wait, my food comes out and the guy re-reads my order, and reads it correct. I get home, only to find both of our hamburgers having NO TOMATOES NO LETTUCE. REALLY? Really? I corrected this guy after he messed it up the first time, and he STILL manages to mess it up!

So thanks for nothing Sonic, because of your epic fail I had to settle with just some damn tater tots for lunch. Go F yourself!

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