Friday, May 20, 2011

Slim Jim Celebrity Endorser Macho Man Savage has Died

In breaking snack food news, Macho Man Randy Savage died in a car crash.
I am going to Snap Into a Slim Jim in his honor.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Mister G's Pizzeria & More Owns My Heart

Iowa. A place of not too much going on. The American Gothic House. The Field Of Dreams Farm. And one other thing that is simply, amazing. Fried Cauliflower. I have been to Iowa twice, and since my last visit I have searched high and low in Arizona to find this tasty appetizer. Every family owned mom and pop food place I visit the first thing I always look for is fried cauliflower. Trust me, I have searched high and low to find this, and at last, I have.

It took a 45 minute drive from my house to this place, but it was well worth it. Mister G's is the only place that I know of in Arizona that has the ever elusive fried cauliflower. If you have yet to have this, you must. Its well, fried cauliflower, but also has some cheddar cheese in it. It is simply amazing. Dip it in ranch and you will fly high on clouds of yum.

Now, among having fried cauliflower. Mister G's also offers up some pretty tasty pizza. And probably the best sandwich I have had in a long, long time. As many of you loyal readers know I love me a good sandwich. Ham and cheese, lettuce mayo mustard. Simple, but it takes some special toasting of the bread and warming of the ham and melting of the cheese to get it perfect. Mister G's does everything right.

The atmosphere in this place is pretty laid back and cool, the service is fantastic. Every night it seems like there is some type of event going on there. Trivia nights, Game nights, all kinds of other nights. My only gripe with this place is that is it located just too far. If a place like this opened up here in Anthem Arizona it would make a killing. There are only a very small handful of fast food places here and one BBQ place here that I will be reviewing later.

But, if you are in Tempe AZ and want some good food, and some fried cauliflower. Then head on over to Mister G's and tell them the Hungry Jerks sent you.

Visit the Mister G's website for more information!