Saturday, June 25, 2011

Taco Bell? More like, Taco Fail.

I don't really like Taco Bell. But when you're hungry, and in a hurry, it's a good cheap alternative to McDonalds. And I was hungry today, and in a bit of a hurry, and the only choices were Taco Bell, or McDonalds. So yeah, Taco Bell it was.

I live in Phoenix AZ. The Taco Bell I went to is by my parents house, they love Taco Bell, and I do most of my editing and writing over at their place, so I was asked to get some Taco Bell for them on my way over. Now, this Taco Bell, screws up your order at the very least 9 times out of 10 times. Not joking. Now of course when I go I usually order for a large amount of people, but still, this is your job, it's what you are paid to do, so why not do it properly? Someone tells you what they want, put it in that bag. But today, I had even more problems on top of the usual missing item.

I ordered a large Mountain Dew, a taco party pack, and 2 chalupas. I arrive home and take a drink from my Mountain Dew, which had no syrup in it, just good ol carbonated water, mmm! Fail 1. I then go to grab my chalupas out of the bag, but only find one chalupa in there, the other, is gone. Fail 2. So, I eat, and grab a couple crunchy tacos from the box, I go to pour some mild sauce on it, and when opening the taco shell, I see this....

Really? A teaspoon of the fake meat? I mean REALLY? Anyways, I eat it, and then go to pour some sauce on the next taco and get THIS!

Seriously. I have made many tacos in my lifetime, they are not that hard. What type of people do they hire at Taco Bell that can't even properly put a taco together?

Screwy Soda.

Missing Chalupa.

And disfigured tacos.

It is with this, that I am officially announcing my retirement from eating Taco Bell. Taco Bell, it's been nice, but it's time to move on to other places that don't hire complete idiots to work at their establishments.


Trevor said...

Taco Bell is my church. It is always there for me NO MATTER WHAT.

Mr. Man Dude said...

Trevor said:
"Taco Bell is my church. It is always there for me NO MATTER WHAT."

You see, this is what happens o your brain from to much Taco Bell.