Thursday, November 17, 2011

Culvers 3 Cheese Butter Burger with Cheese Curds

Since the Phoenix Metro West Side is slow coming when it comes to some of these places this was my first trip to Culver's and I sure wasn't disappointed!

I had the 3 Cheese Butter Burger with a side of cheese curds and buddy it was just what The Fungus Ordered!

American, Swiss & Cheddar cheeses add that gooey and tart flavor to the already powerful punch these butter based buns and burgers offer. The crispy exterior of the meat is enhanced by, holy shit, actual seasoning on the meat! You get that delicious crisp bite and then push forward into a juicy, buttery, foodgasm of beef and cheese! The bun, delicious and subtle, not doughy and overpowering like many fast food breads is almost as fun to eat.

The fried curd is a must here, salty and fried to golden brown perfection the cheese curds are nothing like Uncle Silvio's mozzarella sticks, but the authentic Wisconsin cheese and care that's taken to keep these curds fried and not over fried is worth the eventual triple bypass!

The real winner here was my family who all managed to eat a filling dinner (5 of us!) for just over $30.00.

Seasons Eatings!

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G.C. said...

Cool review. I want some Cheese curds. Ever been to Smashburger? Five Guys? I made a post before asking if anyone had been to Culvers and whether they were better than those places. In my town Culvers and Five Guys are right next to each other.