Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fungus Neck's Midnight Snack #1

I used to be a grilled cheezus kinda guy. Midnight was for snacking and the tasty combination of fried bread and cheese was right up my ally!

That is until I discovered, the pepperoni cheezus!

Standard fare here at first, bread, butter, cheese... then you add a few slices of pepperoni and some tomato sauce or pizza sauce to the inner workings of the sandwich. What you walk away with is a taste explosion that more than resembles a nice slice of pepperoni pizza!

Now, I prefer turkey pepperoni, only because the flavor is slightly milder and works well without being overwhelming.

Try it, love it, send me $2.00!


Anonymous said...

mind explaining what a "cheezus" is?

Fungus Neck said...

yeah, sorry about that... in my house we call grilled cheese, Grilled Cheezus, cause its a heavenly experience!