Friday, November 11, 2011

Raising Canes Chicken Fingers in Phoenix AZ Review

Raising Canes in Phoenix AZ, kicks major ass. I love me some chicken but it is kind of hard to find some good chicken. KFC is slimey and weird, Churchs blagh, even Chik Fil A sometimes leaves me with a eh feeling. So finding a place that does chicken right is a blessing. They promise that their chicken is always fresh, never frozen. And the taste is there. They do a system somewhat similar to In N Out Burger. A basic menu of 4 selections, and off you go.

I did the sandwich, which was lettuce, 3 strips, and the Canes Sauce. What is it? No idea, but it is damn delicious. The fries are the old crinkly cut fries, and you can also get a side of texas toast with an order which I think if the toast was used on the sandwich instead of the current bread, it would be the best chicken sandwich of all time.

I hit the drive thru but looking through the windows the inside had a really cool atmosphere, any place that has a Total Recall poster on the wall instantly gets my approval. The service was over the top great. Very friendly, fast, and good.

Next time I am thinking about a chicken sandwich, I am skipping Chik Fil A and heading to Canes instead. You should do the same. They even offer their own home made lemonade and sweet tea!


G.C. said...

I had some Raising Canes in Columbus Ohio the other day. Not bad. I got a basket- so mine came with the toast. I could really do without the toast, myself. The fries seem like the standard Sysco or Ore-Ida or whatever blah fries, but I guess it's all about the chicken. And yeah, the chicken is pretty good.

D. Mueller said...

If you say it beats Chick Fil A I might have to try this. Drove by a Raising Canes recently but had never heard of it. All I know is that on that fateful day in the 90's when I was walking through the mall and was handed a sample of chicken from this placed called "Chick Fil A," my life changed forever. There has NEVER been a fast food place that could touch them to this is intriguing to say the least.

Napoleon Dolemite said...

The trick to making the best Raising Canes chicken sandwich ever is to order a box and ask for an extra piece of toast and extra sauce -- I think the extra piece of toast is like $0.50 extra. I can take or leave the lettuce on the actual sandwich, but um..... yeah there you have it -- the build your own best Raising Canes chicken sandwich ever!