Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Macho Nacho Burger

I am a huge fan of the Nacho Burger at Buffalo Wild Wings, so today I decided my own Nacho Burger that was so good, I had to call it the Macho Nacho Burger!

Slather some Famous Daves Devils Spit BBQ Sauce on your party while grilling, or any other BBQ sauce of your choice.

Melt some pepper jack cheese on top.

Put a few spoonfuls of nacho cheese on top of your burger.

Add tortilla strips, jalapeƱos, and lettuce. Maybe a little onion and tomato as well!

Top it off with some BBQ sauce, not too much and BOOM! There you have it!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

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Friday, December 16, 2011

Free Gross Burger King Fries Today!

Burger King is going on and on about their "new" fries. So much so that today, you can go in and get yourself some for free! So what is so insanely awesome and "new" about these fries that they are doing this??

They're bigger!

Yeah, that's about it. See their fries, at least in my opinion, are the worst fast food fries out there. They are just god awful. So to improve them, they apparently decided to just, make them bigger...yeah.

So there you go, if you want some bigger crap-tastic fries, hop into Burger King! Yay!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

What the Hell is a "McGangBang"

Yeah, no typo there, apparently there is a creation out there in the food world known as a "McGangBang."  I was educated on this fact thanks to a Twitter trend earlier today.  When I first read it I thought there was a story going around about a McDonald's themed porn movie or something, but come to find out the McGangBang is a sandwich some crazy McDonald's fan came up with and I guess the idea has spread.

The sandwich consists of inserting a McChicken Sandwich INSIDE a McDouble.  So yes, a sandwich in a sandwich, hamburger and chicken together, a total WTF monstrosity of a sandwich.  I guess the key here is that these are both dollar menu items, so you can get this giant creation for just over 2 bucks.  I guess this has to be somewhat good if everyone is trying it, but the mix of chicken and beef just sounds odd.

So now if you want to see what this trend is all about, you can be daring it and try it for a couple of bucks.  Somehow I tend to believe that McDonalds won't be adding this to the regular menu based on the name alone, but believe it or not this sandwich has caught on to the point that some McDonald's employees know what it is and will make it upon request.  There is even a trend on YouTube of people driving through and ordering McGangBangs and taping the reactions.  If you've tried the McGangBang let us know what you think, is it worth the hype?