Friday, December 16, 2011

Free Gross Burger King Fries Today!

Burger King is going on and on about their "new" fries. So much so that today, you can go in and get yourself some for free! So what is so insanely awesome and "new" about these fries that they are doing this??

They're bigger!

Yeah, that's about it. See their fries, at least in my opinion, are the worst fast food fries out there. They are just god awful. So to improve them, they apparently decided to just, make them bigger...yeah.

So there you go, if you want some bigger crap-tastic fries, hop into Burger King! Yay!


GC said...

Dude, Who has the best fast food fries?


eBay Sales said...

I like 5 Guys fries as far as fast food goes.

What do you like, GC? McDonalds?

GC said...

Best fries in general is a place called Thrashers. for fast food chains I agree with Five Guys. Mcdonalds has the taste aspect down, though i generally like thicker cut.

Anonymous said...

The new BK fries still taste funny - kinda has this artificial "oily" after-taste in it (hard to describe). Still prefer McDonald's (only good when they're super fresh out of the fryer).