Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Starving Jerks?! Crystal Light Energy a savior?!

I have decided to go on a diet. I have actually been on one for a couple weeks now, but now is the time to kick it into overdrive. I have gone from drinking nothing about soda, about 5-6 a day, to drinking no soda at all. Sticking with water, and water. And sometimes the occasional Crystal Light packet.

Also cutting out Fast Food. The reviews will continue since I will have to stop by the occasional fast food place for a salad, or for other people.

However I will now also be using Hungry Jerks to track my diet progress. I am not even going to bother weighing myself, and will not track my diet by how much weight I have lost. Instead I will go by pant size! See how many pant sizes I can drop through this diet. So how about a little review of something?

Since I became insanely addicted to sodas, I got massive headaches after I stopped drinking them. And then I was saved when I came across Crystal Light Energy. Which comes with a nice kick of caffeine, I now drink one of those after I wake up and no headaches at all. Crystal Light Energy has saved the day.

So if you are also starting a diet and seem to be having trouble kicking the soda habit, grab one of those, they help.

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