Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wendys Baja Salad is a sloppy mess

I went to Wendys today and grabbed the Baja Salad. I got home and opened the bag to see some chili, and then realizes this salad wasn't no ordinary salad.

It comes with the usual, lettuce of course but it has the leaves in it which is always weird. And the prickly purple lettuce, which sucks. Cheese, tortilla strips, a jalapeno type dressing, and uh, chili, which you pour on your salad.

The salad was OK I guess. Nothing I would ever go nuts about. But by the time you get down to the bottom of the salad, its just a swamp of, salad. A Salad Swamp. All the juice from the chili has mixed with the dressing and the little crumbs of the tortilla strips and cheese that melted because of the hot chili and its just a goopy swampy mess. And its no good, because you eat salads with a fork right? Well ever try to eat a soupy substance with a fork?

This salad is fail.

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