Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Q Up BBQ. The Greatest Food Truck Ever.

I've always been wary of food trucks. I don't know why. Just always seemed weird to me, my food from a truck. And whenever I eat from one of those standard food trucks I would get a stomach ache. But when I saw the Q Up BBQ truck pull up to the event I was at for Skunk Creek Flats, I had to try it.

I am a huge fan of BBQ. So whenever I come across a new BBQ place I have to give it a test. They have some pretty good sounding sandwiches, but I opted for some pulled pork BBQ nachos. The result was....incredible.

These are seriously the best nachos I have ever had in my entire life. No joke. Many places have some good nachos but Q Up BBQ is now the nacho king of Arizona. The BBQ sauce, the cheese, the chips, the pulled pork, oh so good.

The thing I hate about writing for this site, is coming across places with great food, and writing first thing in the day, it makes me insanely hungry.

You can check out Q Up BBQ on Facebook to see where their food truck is going to be. Seek them out. Get the nachos. Thank me later.


jade said...

The only problem they have is when they're busy, they have the tendency to serve watered down or stale coffee and often the coffee canisters they have never seem to be washed thoroughly between servings. Best Food Truck In LA

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