Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rock Springs Cafe in Black Canyon City AZ

After spending the day in Sedona, we decided to stop at Rock Springs Cafe for a slice of pie. This place is famous all around the state of Arizona for their amazing pies. So we decided to make a pit stop. We sat down and I looked through the menu for the desserts but while doing so I came across all the other food and my stomach shifted, it knew what was up.

I had only eaten there once before, when I had a cold from hell that was taking a beating on me, so nothing was enjoyable. I decided that I would have a steak, with some mashed potatoes and brown gravy. Some places are very hit and miss with steak. Some are delicious and easy, others its nothing but fat and gristle. But this steak. Perfection. The gravy and potatoes? Amazing. Some of the best gravy around.

I think I am going to make this place a regular visit, only a 15 minute drive north from our house. And its got that down home country cookin feel. And of course, pies, AMAZING.

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