Thursday, May 2, 2019

What a Bunch of Jerks. Burger King is Dunking on McDonalds in the Name of Mental Health Awareness.

It's a good time to have fun being a jerk. In case you missed it, The Carolina Hurricanes are taking the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs by storm (Storm Surge, more specifically) by embracing their Bunch of Jerks label given to them by angry old man Don Cherry and having fun with it.

Now Burger King steps up to the plate and takes on McDonald's happy meals with their latest combos that are just about however you are feeling. Just DGAF? Order the DGAF meal and have a Whopper your way no matter how you are feeling.

The New York Post had this story and post, so we are linking to them here.

Like Burger King's promotion says: No one is happy all the time, and that's OK. Being a jerk is part of life sometimes. Stop putting up with Jerk shaming. Feel how you want, and eat a delicious Whopper washed down with the tears of your enemies.

Take Warning.